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Office Management & Internet System (OMIS)

Details of the course-

Basic PC handle: Introduction, Open and Shut down procedure, Desktop, Mouse handle, Know your Key Board, Type Practice, File and Folder Creation, File and Folder remove, Recycle bin, Rename, Selection Continuous and Non Continuous files, Cut, Copy, Paste, Change System date and Time, Change Background, Themes, Screen Saver.

Word: Save, Save As, Alignment, letter formation, Indent, Paragraph, Word Art, Text Box, Shapes, Tables, Macro, Smart Art, Pictures and Clip Art, Header and Footer, Page Number.

PowerPoint: Create and Use of Slides, Inserting Image and Video, Animation, Page transactions.

Excel: Know and Use of Rows, Columns and Cell with properties, Work with fill handler, Basic Calculations, Chart Making.

Internet: Various Browsers, Search engines, Email, Check your IP address, Ping


  • 1. Type Practice, Format Paragraph.
  • 2. Marks sheet , ID Card, Visiting Card
  • 3. Four Slides with animation.
  • 4. Calculation and Chart.
  • 5. Checking Email, Ping .

Maximum Number of seats- 50

Eligibility criteria- Any student of malda college will be able to participate in this add on course.

Total duration 35 hours


Resort to technical advancement and training make the environment for the learners an ideal one. Syllabus bound study is ineffective to initiate an all round development in students. Perfection is achieved only when technical education is merged with real life experiences of the students. Spreading awareness regarding such inclusive Digital Education at elementary level is one of the major slogan of the department. With this any one can get the essence of advancement and effectiveness in their study system.